Placing Titles with Aotearoa/New Zealand Film Heritage Trust

Te Hoatu Kiriata ki Te Puna Ataata



The process for placing a film in the Trust commonly goes as follows:


  1. A filmmaker/s is approached or approaches the Trust.
  2. Agreement in principle from filmmaker, including choice of Assignment or Management agreement.
  3. More research on rights is undertaken if necessary, including information held by filmmaker/s.
  4. Any follow-up with third-party rights holders to bring the rights in e.g. engagement with financiers, co-producers etc.
  5. The agreement is drafted from the template & research undertaken, and sent to the filmmaker/s.
  6. A filmmaker may seek legal advice.
  7. Further negotiations if required.
  8. Agreement is signed by all parties.
  9. The Trust makes any necessary arrangements, informing Ngā Taonga, NZFC, and any other parties of the new agreement.


Both types of agreement template are available here for you to download.

Assignment of Film Rights Agreement | Film Rights Management Agreement

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